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Your Purpose is Who You Are

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You have now entered into The Little  School for people with a Sacred Purpose. Entry into to little school is the deep desire to make a contribution to the world. You feel this calling deeply and constantly. The problem is you also have another inner voice that cancels out that call and even ridicules it. It triggers your self doubt and self sabbotage and you get stuck in fear and procastination.

You may carry a deep seated belief that you are

  • worthless
  • not good enough
  • or feel insignificant.

Butdeep down you quietly know that there’s so much more to you than you are allowing others to see.

And the good news is, no, the great news is that today that changes. Here you will learn how to break out of that old habit of feeling and playing small, unseen, unheard.. hiding. Through rewiring pathways in your amazing brain to unplug from the conditioned mind and rewire and plug into your miracle mind and the Joy To Be You.
We are uncovering so much amazing knowledge and learning so much about how the mind works. We can now harness this new knowledge and insights that not only help us to understand how the mind works, but that now for the first time in our history science now acknowledges the spiritual aspects of the person that has always been there – that up to now was the domain of the mystic.
Science is only now catching up with spirituality. Mystics have known and tapped the quantum human development that is possible through reconnecting and activating the enormous potential of the spiritual mind.

These are exciting times -we now know that our brain is changable. We can change our world by changing our inner pathways, our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and our world. I have the enormous joy in my work of seeing people uncover a ‘hidden driver’ that is run by an old belief…most common one “I’m not good enough” and see with amazement how much that one belief was running the show. Then see them change that belief to the one that they want “I am good enough…I am more than good enough…I am significant…I have a purpose….”

This is the transformational power of the body mind spirit combined. The world is focused too much on the physical outer world – the world that is visible. But all reality is shaped and formed by what is unseen. Think of a beautiful flower, a tree, it’s beauty is the revelation of what is hidden beneath the ground. Same with each of us. Our beauty is the result of what is unseen…out attitudes, our thoughts and beliefs and our feelings. These create out behaviours, decisions and actions that create our life.

Your life is the direct result of your inner attitudes and beliefs

in other words….

Your Life is a Mirror of Your Inner Self

If your life is working for you then you have nothing to do …but if your life feels like constant struggle, then there is a mismatch between who you are now and who you know you can become. This struggle can be so painful and it can ware us down. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is help at hand to shorten that journey. It would be my delight to work out a plan that works for you….you can get in touch with me here…



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