This is the power of The Present Moment. We hear the phrase so often especially when we get started on our spiritual journey or set about seeking healing from anxiety, OCD or other conditions that cause us suffering.

The power IS in the Present Moment. Healing is in The Present Moment. Why – because all suffering is in the past or the future. To be more accurate, our suffering is in our memory of the past or our fear or dread of the future.

There is no past, just the subjective or collective memory of a past. Where is the past? Yet we make it so real. Yes we nurture those lovely memories that give us joy. But we can be selective, we don’t have to give life to those memories that drain us or even worse terrorise us. We choose. It can be our choice. When we realise by chosing to dwell on a negative memory of the past  we recreate it , we REAL-ISE it. Its literally in the word itself. ( I love the power of words and the magic they hold)

So if we learn to become vigilant we will live more and more in The Power & Magic of The Present Moment.

The Present Moment is The Portal to All That You Desire In Life.

Learn to notice when you contaiminate it by dwelling on past memories – especially negative beat up ones that totally zap you’re very essence.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to put this into practice. I’m a long time at this and learning about it and still at this ripe young age of ……:) I am only getting to really value this wisdom enough to put in the work required to put it into everyday practice.

Our natural disposition is to seek the familiar and where do we find that – in the past. For that very reason then we also project our fears into the future …fear of the unknown. Yet the future is where all new possibilities are possible. We dream of the future we would love to have.
So how can we align with the future that we want and stop recreating a future that is just another familiar day?

Here is a formula that I have learned and believe in. I believe in it even more now after a wonderdul weekend studying and experiencing it at a seminar by Dr Joe Disenza. He gives the science behind how and why this is true. Think of it this way….you’re about to go fishing in the land of possibilites – its all there for you. Or to put it in more scientific language, you are going fishing in the Quantum sea of possibilities.

Sea of Possibilities.

Step 1: Tune into your breathing

Slow down your racing mind and tune you back into your natural rythm. This reconnects you to yourself in The Present Moment.

Step 2: Set the Intention ( what is it you desire or want, what outcome)

An example may be …the outcome I want is that job…more income….new relationship…to lose weight…to ….Clarify Your Intention.

Step 3: Intensify the emotions you would experience if this was in your life now – already. ( Can you find the magic in the word already:)

Emotions may be…Happy…self fulfilled, grateful…free…joy…inspired…wealthy….important….

What you are doing here is linking into the mindbody connection and teaching your body emotionally to make it happen.

Thoughts are energy…emotions are magnetic….emotions are what draws the experience of our thinking/feeling to us.

We regularly hear of the importance of visualising and some people have difficulty visualising what they want  and it is an important aspect of manifesting  but we need to enliven it  and we do this by visualising with emotion and feelings. (Some people find it hard to visualise – but they get this piece easy- so no worries – just do what comes natural to you) This way you are not only using your mind and imagination but through the connection of emotion and feeling you are getting to convince your body that it is already experiencing it as if it was here right now. SO it becomes your new ‘familiar’…its not longer just a possiblity – it begins to feel natural to you. You begin you believe it.

When you begin to train your bodymind to stop obsessing about the past and begin obsessing instead about your dream life…you will create it and it will look so natural to you as if it was going to happen anyway….and everyone else sees it that way too…you begin to make it natural to you to create what you desire.

So cast your net…go fishing …relax and detach….its there …but it has your name on it now !!!

Image result for girl fishing cartoon

So I hope you will do what it takes to create the life that you want and deserve and stop settling for the same old same old.

These are the practical steps involves in Creating Heaven On Earth, which is the motto and purpose of my work & this site.

And I’m so happy to know you are part of that.

Happy creating, and if you want to know more or want help with this amazing work get in touch




You deserve nothing less than the best life can be.


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