It’s not always possible to get away for Retreat

But the good news is that you don’t have to miss out

You can have a Mini Retreat from the comfort of your own home.

               The purpose of a retreat is to take time out by stepping out of  your usual routine and environment 
                            so as to get a new perspective on a situation, or simply to rest and reconnect with yourself, your dreams and your values.        Stepping out of your usual environment already begins this process and your nervous system begins to rela
enough and so you are more open to see possibilities that were hidden behind the busyness of  your everyday life.
                            For a mini retreat where you don’t leave your home, then to get the most from the time spent together it is important to                         take these simple steps. they help create a different environment and space for you to relax into and again, your nervous
system begins to relax and you become open to explore new possibilities and perspectives to surface.  

To get the best form your Mini Retreat or session


                                            Set aside the required time – giving yourself time before and After the sessions. 

                                            Make  sure you are  comfortable             

                                            When possible prepare a comfortable space for yourself. Include favouite thing, colour, notebook,                                                      light  a candle. 
Have your phone or labtop ready and charged with camera and sound. Ear phones are also a good idea but not always necessary.
The whole purpose is to get the most out of your sessions
and to know – 
 This space and time is for you

Here are some options:


1. Peace of Mind

  • Preperation email or 20mins chat
  • 60mins call 
  • Follow up email summary
  • plus a recording of the session.
  • €75 per plus email  support 
  • (Concessions available in genuine circumstances )


Mini Online Retreat – A Way Forward

This is an convinient opportunity to work through an stressful issue . At the end of the Mini Retreat you will

*Have a weight off your mind

*A new perspecive that opens opportunities for you

*Options and choice that you hadn’t seen before 

*A way forward.

1 Day Retreat Via Zoom or Skype

  • 2 by 2 hr sessions with a break inbetween
  • Preperation email or 20mins chat
  • 4 x 60mins calls
  • Follow up email summary
  • plus a recordings of sessions to listen to again when you need them.


So convenient from home wherever you are in the world.

You will also receive a recording of the sessions.


€255 ( 2hr x 2 )



€375  1hr x 6 sessions

(You receive 1 session free – save €75)