Mary’s Qualifications


  • Theology & Psychology BA ( Hons)
  • Counselling & Hypnotherapy (Dip)
  • Angel Therapy Practioner ( ATP) Dr Doreen Virtue
  • Suicide Prevention & Postvention (Dip)
  • Biocognitive Theory ( Dip) Dr Mario Martinez
  • NLP Practitioner & Timeline Therapy





Testimonials    (Full Names & details omitted due to confidentiality)

Maria (UK) wrote about her experience of her Retreat at Angelwhispers:

Well Mary all I can say is “THANK YOU” I have definitely had a major shift and it is working!!!! I benefited so much from my time with you. I’m feeling ultra-relaxed after my fantastic time with you. Since I have returned home I feel very peaceful and so many of my fears, which were my constant companions, have just evaporated as if they never existed!! Everything seems different, colours seem brighter, …I stood at the window this morning and marveled at how blue the sky was, it was if I hadn’t seen it before. I am beginning to think that you must have put a spell on me when I visited you :-). I cannot thank you enough, I have taken a giant leap in my spiritual development, I am much more open and receptive to everyone around me .


In my very first healing session with Mary, she very quickly went through the layers to get to the core issues, rather than focusing on peripheral issues. Very gently she brought in  the compassionate energy of the angels, and reassured me that they were already working with me, and would continue to do so.  I have found great peace since the session and feel much more relaxed with people. Being a therapist I am asking for help with my work now. 

Thanks again Mary. You do lovely intuitive work and you were spot on with everything.


I took part in stress a management workshop run by Mary. I couldn’t believe how much I learned about myself through it. She is very gentle in her approach as she helped us to see the many limiting beliefs and outdated patterns that were running my live. Up until then I hadn’t even thought about the idea that I had a right to be happy. I hadn’t even noticed that I was giving everyone permission to treat me like a door mat. I learned to say no to the things that drained me and began to search out ways to be good to me and that would bring happiness into my life.


I went to Mary to work on a phobia that I had about falling on snow and ice. Whenever we had snow and ice here I got really anxious and nervous and terrified. I was booked to go on a skiing holiday and really wanted to enjoy myself. After one session with Mary I went to Switzerland and was really able to enjoy myself. With my “good boots”, I was relaxed and confident and was able to really enjoy the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Now, 3 years later I am still relaxed and confident in my ability to manage the weather and was able to go for walks in the park and enjoy the stillness and the beauty despite the frost and snow. Thank you Mary, that was a significant long lasting impact.



Sandra’s experience of the online Chakra Journaling

“I feel as though I’m falling in love with myself.”

During lock-down I completed The Chakra healing Journey with the lovely Mary McCallion Dempsey of Angel Whispers.

Mary created a sacred space for me to journal my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis where she checked in with me and gave me feedback and some questions on areas she thought I needed to explore more.

What an absolute luxury this was, to have the freedom to express myself without feeling the need to censor anything. I got the benefit of her many years of experience as a Spiritual Guide and Counsellor

The work seemed quite subtle at times, as I was surprised by some of the things she picked up, small things that went unnoticed by myself but none the less, having quite a negative effect on me.

This has been extremely beneficial for my well being, mentally and spiritually.

The only way I can describe this is, I feel as though I’m falling in love with myself.

Mary also offers a therapy called Timeline. I decided to have a session and was astounded by how it flowed and how easy we got to the root of a particular issue. This was down to the foundation of trust we very quickly developed.

I cannot recommend Mary highly enough, she is one of the most extraordinary women I have had the good fortune to meet (albeit on line) she just oozes compassion, empathy and kindness.

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