I’m here in Achill, enjoying a day to myself and enjoying the misty view today as I recall lovely precious moments with the lovely ‘angels’ who took part in the 1st retreat of 2012.

I so love the magic of it all. It’s like it all comes out of nothing, just the thought. Then other peoples thoughts come together and lo and behold all these lovely life seeking people find themselves together in Achill, soul searching and learning and playing together. The the way to learn is through play! Love in Action.

We had people from Mayo, London, Galway &Tyrone. Some I had meet before and others were strangers to each other. But that all changed very quickly. Almost in an instant as we came together in a group initially there is that awkward few minutes where people feel a little uncomfortable and begin to wonder why am I here sitting with a group of strangers. Then, next thing, someone speaks and then another and suddenly the energy has changed, everyone is eager to talk and to help each other.

It doesn’t take long for the “I don’t know why I’m here” energy to evaporate. It’s such a grace filled time when you witness this happening and you see each person eagerly help another. Then you know that you are not alone. The invisible world becomes tangible and you know you are in the presence of mystery. Your invisible helpers are there too. Each person carries a part of the wisdom that the other person needs. That’s the miracle of who shows up and why.

You might never know how much you have helped someone by just being there with your compassionate heart, (which is your desire to help) By your words or simply just with your concern. Miracles happen and lights go on when people feel cared for and understood by another. A sea of love is ‘felt’ and we shift out of our everyday cares and worry mind and into our hopeful, peaceful, childlike playful mind where miracles happen. That’s why I love this ‘playwork ‘… you get to see tiny miracles come to life before your very eyes.Star

We cleared out some old thinking that keeps us stuck in old patterns and creates a lot of struggle in our world.

We learned how to be aware of what we are thinking and that this is the first step in creating our new life.

We Learned how to notice if we are living in ‘fear world’ or ‘love world’ and how to stop getting the results we don’t want and instead create the results that we do want.

We learned how this happens and why.

The weather was so happy with us we even got to involve the beach and the sea as we released to the Universe old thinking and behaviours that no longer serve us.

Retreat girls 2

Each person had great fun as they picked a stone on the beach and wrote out the main thing/pattern they wanted to clear this out of their lives. They then vigorously threw it into the great spirit of the Atlantic Ocean who was happy to receive it and be part of the transformation. The surf was wild and exciting and everyone was filled with exhilaration too.

Back in the warmth of the house and after a meditation and planting new seeds of desires in place of what was released, great chat went on to the late hours. No strangers now at the table!

On Sunday morning for those who could be there we boiled it all down to the Creation Formula. Then created the Map of Action to action the dream into reality.

Bonds were formed with shared life experiences and playful moments. spirits were rekindled as buried passions were recovered reclaimed from the dream destroyers, buried by feelings of “I’m not good enough, too much responsibilities, who am I to do that….I can’t..I have to do what’s expected of me”I don’t deserve to live my dream…I cant afford….”

Each person left with a skip in their heart as they realised that they’re dream is waiting for them to allow it into reality. Intentions were firmly set and next step action points clearly decided. Hearts danced home again, transformed and inspired dreams planted and watered. Prayer in Action.

I came that you may have life and have it to the full ( Christ)Sun


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