My Dream Ticket Journal:
Easy Steps To Manifest Your Dreams

You have a dream that you are eager to manifest into the world!Now, just imagine that you have literally downloaded your Dream Ticket into you. I believe that’s exactly what you have done. You already have the Dream Idea & now you are ready for the next magical step… to create it and ground it into being.I am excited for you.Your Dream is so connected to who you are, and your purpose for being. Your Dream is your Soul’s calling card. It wants to be birthed into being. And the exciting scary thing is, it has chosen YOU as it’s way of coming into the world.

Downloadable Ebook  

Dream Ticket Journal:
Easy Steps To Manifest Your Dreams – 90pages 

This eformat gives you immediate download. You can Print pages as you want them and put them into a folder and fill in. You can print them often as you want.

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In my very first healing session with Mary, she very quickly went through the layers to get to the core issues, rather than focusing on peripheral issues.

I have found great peace since the session and feel much more relaxed with people. Thanks again Mary!