they mind,.Dr Carolyn leaf teaches and explains the mind body connection and how it works.  Our thoughts are chemicals – thoughts come from experience and memory . So, how we think about ourselves has a biological impact – this is the Mind Body Connection. How we think about ourselves and the impact of life experiences – childhood experiences, effects how we see and understand ourselves and how we self identify.

I love her metaphor for teaching how our thoughts – mind work and the importance of getting to the root. Problems in our life are often  caused by a neurological imprint – caused by an experience in childhood – often traumatic and so the child’s interpretation at the time (i.e – blames themselves for what’s happening rather than seeing the adults responsibility) becomes an pattern  that they identify with .

If something is wrong It must be my fault.!!

In toxic or traumatic experience as a child you may have absorbed being blamed for what happened. And  then (unconsciously) continued to feel the blame for anything that happens in life. 

Like if I’m driving and someone beeps – my automatic response is to feel like they are beeping at me – “what did I do wrong “. Anyone else feel like this !!

Many of the people I work with carry this toxic response – which is a heavy one to carry though life. And we work through uprooting these toxic patterns. I love this work  – I see the person let go and release those old patterns, and I see them literally make that internal shift in their mind/body and see their face light up.

Danger is we begin to identify with the what is ‘wrong with me” – trauma response of the child. This is at the root of who we begin to believe we are and we carry this toxic thinking – these patterns govern our life’s and our self, our behaviours and identity.

But they are signals – nothing to do with who we are – they are signals to weed out what is no longer working for you. Helps you dis identify with those old patterns and replace them with healthier thoughts & behaviours that come from our updated self identity.

Breaking toxic habits & patterns begins with awareness of the signals – the symptoms that are causing you inner emotional pain and anxiety.

It might be fear of speaking up

Fear of being seen

Fear of getting it wrong or being misunderstood.

The bottom line is these are patterns that developed to help us feel safe. They are protective barriers of the child – but now as an adult you can learn new healthier ways to live and move beyond these limiting toxic patterns.

You are here to be heard be seen to contribute to life – yours  and others – to feel valued to feel loved – to feel you matter – you are fulfilled.



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