Retreats By The Sea

This is your time – you will have my full attention as we journey through your life story, tune into you dream future and gently find the unconscious patterns that are holding you back. This is your time to be heard. Get clear and get going!

Heal the Healer

You are a caring person who sometimes forgets how to take care of yourself. You forget your own need until you find yourself falling into Overwhelm and close to Burnout? This is the pattern of the Wounded Healer. It is both your strength and your weakness. Its what makes you great at what you do. It’s the essence of your big heart and your depth of empathy. This is the reason you are called into the wonderful healing work that you love and that you do so well. But it is this wonderful work that is also healing you – teaching you that you matter, that you too have needs and desires and that they need and deserve your tender care too.

In my very first healing session with Mary, she very quickly went through the layers to get to the core issues, rather than focusing on peripheral issues.

I have found great peace since the session and feel much more relaxed with people. Thanks again Mary!


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