Recover your Joy of Being You

You’re about to discover How You Can Turn Your Inner Critic into Your Best Friend and finally achieve the Life of Your Dreams.
Our Soul Purpose is to assist you to Know and Belief that you are Valued and Loved – filled with Talents and Possibilities just waiting to be Allowed out to Create Your Dream Life.
And no, you don’t even have to believe in Angels, we believe in you!
Many of your problems are the result of a specific underlying belief that is creating the feeling of being unloved and unworthy of love. This generates a vibe that radiates out in all that you try to do in life.

This negative self belief was installed in you at a very young age as you picked up on the vibes of those around you. It is at the core of all your drama and gets triggered and so painfully replayed out again and again.

You have been hidden away beneath layer upon layer of conditioning and fear, gradually building defensive walls of protection around you. But these very walls of protection are now the problem – keeping you hidden – but keeping you hidden away from the dream life that you crave and long for.

Deep down you know that you are capable of being and having so much more in your life.

Do you recognise some of the following behaviours or situations?
As the real you stays hidden, your natural cravings and longings for your dream life are misplaced, causing you to be addicted to or over indulge in avoidance strategies;
  • Food: Comfort eating or starving yourself becomes your strategy for blotting out negative feelings and discomforts
  • Alcohol: Over indulging becomes your strategy for avoiding situations you feel powerless and lack the confidence to deal with but that need your attention now.
  • Family & Relationships problems – feeling that you’re constantly letting people down – addicted to reliving the same old dramas unable to see a new ways
  • Health – shows up in small illnesses at first – the odd cold headache,aches and pains, weight issues. But as stress levels get higher and higher, in time illness becomes more serious disease ( dis- ease).
  • Career – you feel blocked and never seem to get beyond a certain level no matter what advances you try to make
  • Finances – fearful of making financial decisions. Focused on lack and unable to see creative opportunities
  • You see, those beliefs that you’re not good enough, or you’re unlovable, or that you are not worth the effort…these go before you and already betray whatever words or effort that you have put in.

How Does This Happen

Beliefs about ourselves live in our unconscious mind and become the vibe that we live out of. We become that belief and so we radiate this before ever we open our mouth to speak.

It is like meeting someone who is telling you that they are on top of the world and that they live in a mansion – but they are standing before you with a shabby old coat and no shoes.
People pick up on vibes ( vibrations) It is the hidden language that we all pick up on. You have experienced this in good ways and bad.
Sometimes you just know something is going to go great and other times you know for no logical reason that the outcome just isn’t going to be what you hoped it would be.

Your Inner Critic Left Unrecognised will
Sabotage & Rob Your Dreams.
The Good News
The good news is that these negative beliefs are not set in stone. Not everything we believe is true. And all negative beliefs are ‘lies’. Already you are beginning to shift out of the old belief and identity that “this is just how I am and there is nothing I can do about it” to one that is beginning to believe “there may be something that I can do about this”.And it’s not even that difficult when you have the right guidance.

You came into the world with dreams – every baby comes into the world encoded with their unique dream and purpose and despite what you think – you are not the exception.

You and Your Life are Encoded in your Dreams and Desires

You and Your Life are Encoded in your Dreams and Desires

My Promise

“We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”
~ Joseph Campbell
You will discover a whole wealth of amazing things about yourself.
You will uncover many new talents and gifts, you will be so energised and excited that you’ll lose that dread of getting up and into your day.

The bonus of opening up to your Spiritual Self is that you discover a whole new self and world. A world where everything becomes more vibrant, more colourful and so much more meaningful.

You discover how powerful you really are. You lose that hopeless helpless identity that you had been carrying around like a like a wet cloak of misery. The sun is shining for you too!
You will begin to radiate a this new vibe – that of the empowered self assured and authoritative you. You begin to see it unfold and reveal a whole you world that is yours for the asking.

Your dream life reveals itself step by step and before you know it your living in it.

Get Ready for The Big Shift in Your Life
You are so Worth it!
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