Our Online Retreats vary in length from half- day to full day retreats.

Occasionally we offer a retreat over 6 weeks – 2 hrs on a particular day each week for the 6 weeks.

The essence of all Retreats is Self Compassion – Self Care – Self  Value and Self Appreciation.

The purpose of All Retreats is to Empower you to Decide on and Create the life you Adore. 


We work with self reflection through Journaling Meditation and  letting go of Old Beliefs and Old Identities with the help of Meditations and Hypnotherapy to access that magical aspect of you – your subconscious mind to help create new pathways for you. Pathways in the brain in your energy system that will manifest the life you desire. Self Empowerment longer you’ll access your subconscious mind to release old patterns after trauma, re


You will learn and appreciate how amazing you are and will be open to see all the possibilities that are there for you. Its like taking the blinkers off – now you see more fully – now in see in full colour – not just grey – black or white.

You Begin to touch the Magic in You 



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